took me out to the ballgame

Lee / EB / Me in the nosebleeds
So EB was scheduled to see Friday's Sox game which got rained out and became the second part of a double header last night. His friend Lee then had an extra ticke for the rescheduled game, and I tagged along, a good way to unwind after a day of tearing down cabinets and stripping wallpaper up in Rockport.

I hadn't been to a ball game for years and years, since well before I started watching Sox games and learned a little something about how the game is played, beyond the basic rules. What I most noticed about seeing a game in person is this: it's motion vs. space. on TV, a hit ball is about motion, the camera panning to follow the ball as it soars along, the stadium a blur behind it. In person, it's all about space, watching the ball go up up up to some superhuman height above the fixed confines of the stadium.

That evening was not the Sox's finest moment. After hearing about a 13-2 victory that afternoon, we left in the seventh as the Sox were behind 0-8. By sneaking out then we missed 6 more runs by the Braves and some extra rain. We did get to see a drunk fan sucker punch a buddy who had snagged some of his Italian Sausage, and then watch a fan dash across the field, but like an idiot I didn't think to pull out my camera until the cops already had him.

"Huh, I hope this new Sox cap was looking over. [Checks in visor mirror] Nope. Baseball caps always make me look like I'm wearing a slightly oversized yamaka. I guess that's what I get for having the last name of Israel."
"No, that's what you get for having an oversized head."
"'Pumpkin-like cranium' is my prefered term but... yeah."